Osterly’s product in its entirety is very simple for third party organisations to use. We would hope to seamlessly collaborate with your marketing department for promotion. As for technical and artist liaising, we can handle all aspects.

Working with Osterly makes it is possible for a space, whether it be an entrance hall, a set of designated rooms, or other, to become the venue of an entire new exhibition complete with a programme of complimentary curatorial and artist talks to aid in the enrichment of any work environment or public space.

In our most fundamental essence we are a one-stop shop gallery consultancy firm. We coordinate for your organisation – no mess, no fuss and regular billing with quality as the core principle.

A few of the key positive aspects of the interaction with Osterly, based on comments from clients, are:

·       Supporting the arts - While often conceived of as an abstract notion with intangible benefits, the truth is that locations that support artistic works portray themselves as interesting, multidimensional, progressive, sophisticated environments and ultimately what Osterly is offering goes beyond a selection of corporate art and into a legitimate art gallery experience.

·       Networking, Events and Functions - Events such as a combination of private views with artists and curators in attendance can be scheduled in order to enhance the experience of the gallery space. Osterly can also offer educational talks as part of its package which could be used by a client as a starting point for a wider networking project.

·       Brand promotion - Your organisation’s logo could become attached not only to the gallery itself but also to the central publication and wider work of Osterly. Moreover, our mailing list could feature your corporate logo furnishing an additional opportunity for advertisement to a large and varied audience.

·       Use of existing art collection - If your organisation is fortunate enough to have established its own collection of art, your pieces could be incorporated into a show and exhibited throughout our art gallery network – adding prestigious value to your collection. Alternatively, you may get the chance to host some fantastic pieces of privately-owned art yourself.