Osterly has origins in a group of art professionals based in the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey. A notable contributor to Osterley is Timothy Holt, a prolific independent curator and artist who has built an art practice in its own right. Another key figure to Osterly is Simon Poole. Curator by profession, he trained at the James Hockey and Foyer Galleries under Christine Kapteijn. Poole then went on to work in a consultancy capacity to develop both a fine art space, the Zodiac Gallery, at the Portsmouth Cultural Trust and a dedicated popular culture exhibition area within the Portsmouth Guildhall. Peter Barry, whose career evolved into a thriving digital arts and graphic design practice, was also essential in the creation of Osterly.

The artist collective Osterly has developed into a consultancy company which aims to work with civic and estate management firms for the creation of bespoke gallery spaces.

Osterly’s core objective is to help third parties who would like to introduce a legitimate gallery into their space but find themselves overwhelmed by the demands of creating and running it. Osterly is able to handle not only technical and logistical challenges of transportation and installation but can also aid organisations in the promotion of their exhibitions as well as assisting them in the realm of arts education and publication.

Every one of Osterley’s clients is unique and as such we offer a tailored made package to suit specifications, requirements and scope of your organisation.